Nuremberg site

Nuremberg Site

Welcome to RISSMANN

We are the leading manufacturer of exclusive and individual packaging solutions for the branded goods industry in the high-end consumer and luxury goods sector.
At our Nuremberg site, we create and produce exquisite and innovative packaging in the form of cardboard boxes and carrier bags for our national and international customers.
In our in-house creative and development department with integrated prototype design, we are constantly working on new designs and innovative techniques.


Our headquarters has been located in Nuremberg since 1995. This is where exclusive folding boxes and hard cardboard boxes as well as high-quality paper bags are manufactured on the most modern semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines.
The high-tech machinery, which is constantly being added to, ensures a high level of productivity with the maximum amount of quality and short production cycles.

Manual production & quality control

In our manual production department at our Nuremberg site, complex cardboard boxes are finished to the highest standard of quality, special items such as inlays or deep-drawing parts are applied, and closure ribbons and the like are inserted.

Finally, the produced goods undergo strict quality checks.